SAVE THESE DATES … this year’s Mountain Fest will run from Thursday, 27 AUG thru Thursday, 3 SEP 2020.  Note it is not in June as it has been in the past.

This is a great opportunity for 10th Mountain Division Alumni to come together and enjoy the camaraderie you earned by your service. For some it is also an opportunity to meet the soldiers now serving in your unit and participate in that Units Mountain Fest activities. In future messaging’s we will publish an itinerary for each Battalion/Brigade sized unit and a Point of Contact so you can sign up for events.

Mountain Fest Events:

27 August – 2 September 20 Events:

27 August- 1300 hrs. Division Hill activities, 1800 hrs. Concert, 2100 hrs. Fireworks

28 August- 0900 hrs. Commander Cup Events, 1900 hrs. Regimental Socials

30 August- Arrival of Association members for integration into Organizational Units

31 August- 0630 hrs. Division Run, 0800 hrs. Commander Cup events, 1100 hrs. Museum visit, 1200 hrs. Lunch with Service Members, 1300 hrs. Ft Drum tour, 1900 hrs. Regimental Socials,

1 September- 0800 hrs. Commander Cup events, 1500 hrs. Gold Star Division HQ Social, 1600 hrs. Remembrance Ceremony, 1900 hrs. Commanders Social and 10th Mountain Association Alumni meeting

2 September- 1430 hrs. 10th Mountain Division live, 1500 hrs. Salute to the Nation, 1530 hrs. Awards Ceremony, 1600 hrs. 10th Mountain Farewell Social