Our 10th Mountain Division group visit to Italy and Slovenia will be delayed until next year, June 2021.  There is too much uncertainty and anxiety around this tragedy to have even considered any other possibility.  We also did not want any of our friends to be concerned about hosting 200+ guests in the near future.  Our plan is to wait until the August time frame to begin re-planning in earnest so that we don’t make any false starts now.  We will of course keep you fully apprised of any plans that we make, dates, etc.  While we are disappointed, we are also now looking forward to a visit next year under much better circumstances.  Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime, and stay safe and healthy.
Stephen Coffey
10th Mountain Division Descendants

Join us on the 75th anniversary of the 10th Mountain Division’s time in Italy as we remember those who served, and honor the legacy of the Division that endures today. As you’ll see on the trip brochure, we are offering a pre-trip visit to Normandy France to see the D-Day landing beaches, inland drop zones, the Normandy American Cemetery, and the beautiful Norman villages and countryside. As is our custom, our Main trip will begin in Florence and will follow the 10th’s combat and post-war route through the hill towns to Lake Garda and on to present day Slovenia. Please consider joining us on what is sure to be another great trip to northern Italy to honor the WWII 10th Mountain Division

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