World War II Honor Roll







The names of our comrades that follow are those of the 997 men who lost their lives while serving their country with the Tenth Mountain Division during World War II.

Our National Association's WWII Database Committee has worked diligently to assure that every 10th soldier's  death is properly documented. The unit designation that is listed for each soldier is his primary unit or the  unit to which he was assigned at the time of his death.

Names that are preceded by the symbol Delta indicate that these men died during the Aleutian Campaign.

Names that are preceded by an asterisk indicate that these men remain interred in the American Cemetery and Memorial near Florence, Italy.

The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), which maintains the cemetery, will provide relatives with photographs of specific burial sites upon request. The ABMC will also arrange to place flower arrangements at specific burial sites. (The 10th Mountain Division Foundation provides a single flower for the grave of every 10th Mountain Division soldier there each Memorial Day.)    The American Cemetery is located on the outskirts of Florence near Imprunetta. Visitors can reach the site by SITA interurban bus from the bus station near the main railroad station in Florence. For further details, telephone 055/202-002.

Information concerning photographs and floral arrangements may be obtained by contacting:

American Battle Monuments Commission
Mediterranean Office
PSC 59, Box 100
APO AE 09624 






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