The Association's Strategic Direction



Mission statement: The Association exists to preserve and enhance the legacy of the 10th Mountain Division for future generations.


The mission statement defines our reason for existence. It specifies what we do, why we do it and whom we do it for. The vision statement describes the future we are attempting to shape in order to be able to continue to accomplish our mission at that future point in time.  


Vision Statement: The Association preserves and enhances the legacy of the 10th Mountain Division while becoming a valued part of the lives of its members, their families, and their descendants into the 21st century.


Strategic Action Plan: Our Strategic Action Plan contains three goals. They were derived from an analysis of the Association's Mission and Vision and define the strategies we will follow to achieve success.



The Association's Goals:


Goal 1. Complete the transition from the leadership of the WWII 10th Mt. Div. Veterans to the 10th Mt. Div. (Light) Veterans.


Goal 2. Preserve and enhance the legacy of the "Soldiers of the 10th."


Goal 3. Attract and retain membership.


For each goal, objectives have been established. The objectives define how we will accomplish our goals. They are outlined below.


Objective 1.1. Manage the transition.


Objective 1.2. Keep the membership informed.


Objective 1.3. Maintain the financial health of the organization.


Objective 2.1. Preserve the legacy of the Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division.


Objective 2.2. Enhance the legacy of the Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division.


Objective 3.1. Increase membership.


Objective 3.1. Retain Members.


In order to achieve our objectives, key actions were developed to identify the what must be done, who is responsible to do it, when it must be completed and an estimate of how much it will cost.


Our plan is a living plan and as such, its implementation must be managed. Periodic in progress reviews for the Executive Committee will allow us to measure progress towards goal accomplishment, re-prioritize resources if required, and provide a forum for additional implementation guidance. Annual plan updates will provide a mechanism to keep our plan current and accommodate any changes in our planning assumptions. The Vice President is the point of contact for questions on plan management and implementation. These initiatives and the other components of our implementation management strategy will help maintain the conditions required for a successful implementation of our Strategic Action Plan.


We must succeed in our efforts. We owe it all the Soldiers who have worn and will wear the red, white and blue patch of the 10th Mt. Div.